Product and UI Design for Power BI, Microsoft

*Disclosure: Due to client privilege, full products’ details can only be presented in a meeting.


Power Bi is a unified and gradual self-service organizational level platform (BI). It allows data login in a highly visual way, with smooth implementation of visual aids into daily used apps.

I was recruited as a vendor to a large UX team that dominates different products and areas. Working with the amazing team allowed mutual sharing, learning and enrichment throughout processes. I was appointed responsible for the data security Power Bi area, which requires development support, user research and the design of new and required features.


End to end Product designer and UI designer


Working with PM, content, UX, and engineers.


Development support, research and the design of new features.


Power Bi Microsoft.

2022 – 2023

Challenges and complexities

Power Bi is a system within a range of Microsoft systems with a clear network of behaviors, however, the Power Bi system’s behaviors and conditions are slightly different compared to the other systems. Therefore, I was required to conduct in-depth research and scan the various options of behaviors and scenarios and to establish new features design as well as solutions for existing features where issues were raised.

Another challenge in creating new features is maintaining the balance between answering the needs of the Security Admin and the needs of the end users. A Security Admin holds an agenda to avoid data leakage as much as possible, which can cause limitations on end users, while a basic need for the average user is the ability to freely and easily manage tasks and navigate while using the software.

Main skills implemented

  • High-res time and tasks management.  
  • UX design at department level.
  • UI design at department level.
  • Teamwork and design thinking.
  • UX reviews and diagnostics.
  • Handoff for development.
  • UI reviews for front-end development.
  • Quality communication with various team members. 

The processes

Due to the challenges presented, a large part of the process contained self-learning, research and the reviewing of Microsoft massive repositories and archives.

Working and coordination with various and multi-party factors, with team members located in different time zones (Israel, China, US etc.), taking initiative and coordinating meetings with designers, managers and PMS for product reviews, thoughts sharing, raising questions and building a broader acquaintance with the “world” of Microsoft and more specifically with the Power-BI products.

My responsibility

As mentioned, I was appointed as product designer in the data security team which consists of many developers and three product managers.

As the only product designer on the team, efficient and high quality time management was required. I managed a multitude of tasks with rapid response to the development team, providing services such as: Handoff, Bug Fixes, UX.UI reviews and high availability daily support for developer

*I am available for a scheduled meeting in order to present the work in detail